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Google Summer of Code 2015 - Welcome
Students interested in working with Kodi, welcome! In this sub-forum feel free to ask questions, discuss projects, or propose ideas. If somehow you've stumbled here without seeing our project ideas page first, be sure to check it out: Google Summer of Code 2015

This year's mentors will be determined based upon the projects chosen. Nathan Betzen (natethomas) is our GSoC admin and Matthias Kortstiege, Martijn, and Ned are our backup admins.

You can see some past GSoC ideas and proposals at: Category:Google Summer of Code

At present we are still waiting to find out whether we have been accepted into GSOC 2015. Check back on March 2nd to find out the news.

Links of interest:

Google Summer of Code homepage
Google Summer of Code - Wikipedia article on GSoC
Google Summer of Code 2015 Ideas - our project ideas page
I would love to see work done to get mythtv and kodi working better via upnp. At present at least in 0.28 and latest kodi is not finding mythtv
I am willing to contribute to your organization.I know C#,Python and Java.I have also contributed to open source orgaaniztion. My github Id is GeetikaBatra.Please guide me how to proceed.
Geetika Batra
Hello there!

I am also intrested in GSOC2015.
Here is a chance to integrate Limelight into Kodi, I want to do it Smile
This feature would make Kodi a lot cooler.

Hello, my name is Chris!

I am very interested in more details about "NVIDIA Gamestream in Kodi"
I always thought it would be a great idea to implement game streaming technology into kodi since its main focus has always been streaming media all in one place. I see that the project would involve integrating limelight into the application and that limelight is primarily written in java. I would also assume some C++ knowledge is recommended since that is the primary language of kodi. I currently am working with java and oop practices at my school but I have also worked with C#, python, and C++. I am starting to actually learn C++ in my free time and I should have a good understanding of it by the time summer hits. I have not done much work with open source before mainly because I am just now feeling comfortable with the languages I have learned. I feel like GSOC2015 will be a great experience for me, especially if working on a project for kodi.

If you would like to contact me, please just send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible.
Hi guys, you really need to follow the form rules for posting an idea mentioned in our ideas page. I'm going to go ahead and close this thread so people aren't tempted to keep writing wildly incomplete proposals. Smile
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