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Mod -  Bello Fredo [Isengard] - brutally modded with custom home widget support
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Other videos - if available - can be found in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL...dvZP0En-I3


Hey mates,

Since I'm forced to use the nightlies (feature reasons, which won't be backported to Helix 14.x), I always try to port Nessus changes of his skin to the latest Kodi nightlies and upcoming 15.x release, if something is changing.

In case somebody is using nightlies too, here you will find my port:

Install the latest stable by using my Kodi Repo

Source available on GitHub:

I have Bello's translations included, but dozens of strings aren't translated yet.
If you want, feel free to complete the translations of Bello Fredo by using Transifex:

- Kodi 15.x skin engine changes until 25. Apr 2015
- Based on Bello 3.0.2 Bello Helix Git Hub source of 23. Feb 2015

Windows Nightlies of Kode 15 Isengard:
-> http://mirrors.kodi.tv/nightlies/win32/

- Nessus has nothing to do with this port, don't contact or bother him if something isn't working as it should or for any other support.
- For addon/skin requirements, please take a look at the addon.xml of the skin. But if you installing the skin through my Repo, everytthing will be downloaded automatically.
- I'm also adding some improvements and mods for my own needs, so don't be upset if something is different to Nessus current releases..
- I also won't take care of any bug reports, which aren't caused by myself. Nightlies are nightlies and please remember: I'm just merging Kodi skin engine and Bellus official bug fixes/changes/improvements to this version if my free time allows it.

Soooo -> Please accept it as an "share for the community" as it is Smile

- 100% complete customizable home widget support
- Fixed and improved a lot the original Bello views
- Support for german rated "FSK" icon flags
- Additional viewtype such as "LoveFilm", "Classic Slide", "Shelf", "Thumb List"
- Ambilight compatiblity mode for music visualisation
- Improved video/audo OSDs (Poster art recognization for example)
- Optional Kodi intro video
- More skin provided backgrounds
- Optional icon styled main menu
- PVR recording info boxes for the home screen
- Replaced MetaActor script with ExtendedInfo script (not for music atm)
- Support to start ArtworkDownloader automatically after the library has been updated
- Support to update IMDb ratings, Top250 and MPAA
- Optional "Now Playing" covers for the home screen
- New default theme
- Fixed and better Lyrics integration
- Option to change watched/unwatched and hide watched flags
- Other options like library stats in the menu etc..
- Handwritten music cdarts
- Own skin addon "Bello Extrapack" for automatically download conditional weather fanarts and wallpaper packs
- And hundreds of other improvements, changes, fixes and much more...


If you want to buy me a beer or put some bucks into the "savings-for-the-baby"-can, I won't stop you Smile Thanks

[Image: btn_donateCC_LG.gif]
Unfortunately I can't seem to find the skin on your repo...
I am using Kodi 20150228...

Any Ideas?

Btw: Endlich baut mal einer FSK-Symbole ein, danke!

EDIT: Found it after manually looking for updates... Nevermind.
::::::: My System :::::::
Dunno why, but the repo won't update sometimes. I guess this depends on GitHub.

Btw: Ja mei, irgendwer muss es tun Tongue
interesting, what are double arrows in some menu items?
(2015-03-02, 08:57)peppe_sr Wrote: interesting, what are double arrows in some menu items?

The top arrow will be displayed if the item has an widget available and the widget container isn't empty. It will be accessed by <onup>
4.0.8 is available.

Main feature -->
Added: Complete customizable home widget support by the home menu management dialog! (4x custom widget groups, common movie/tvshows/music widgets, playlist widgets, TuneIn widget, RSS Video Feed widget).
Hey man

I cant get this mod installed, I tried your repo and the skin section shows nothing
Where can I get this mod?
Do you have a Kodi 15 nightly installed?
no man im using Helix 14.1, do i need Isengrad for this to work?
It's already optimized for Isengard, yep.
It should work on Helix too, because there aren't such big changes until now. In that case you should try to download it from GitHub and place it manually to your Kodi installation. Maybe you have to adjust the XBMC gui version in the addon.xml and manually install all the other required addons, but this should work.

But you should give Isengard a try. The nightlies are smooth as hell. I use them on 3 devices as my daily driver.
awesome on it now, Helix was not very stable in my opinion. lots of crashes, happy to move to 15
Yep, same to me. Isengard seems to be much more stable in my eyes.
I just installed Isengard, and its the same thing, your skin folder in your repo is coming up as empty, i refreshed, checked for updates, restarted and its still the same
Usually, you just have to trigger an refresh if an repo is empty.
Maybe you addon database is corrupt (they changed the addon section in the last nightlies).
You can try to delete them manually.
On Windows you will find the addon .db's here. Just delete all Addon*.db files, Kodi should recreate them on its own after an restart.

Nevertheless here are the direct links of the repo:
The required addons are stored, too:
I refreshed many times. I tried the zip file and it says "dependencies not met", I tried the addons and it says the "folder structure is not correct - contact the author"

I manually added all the addons in the addons folder. Now your skin appears but it says its incompatible.
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