Skin MOD - Bello Fredo [Isengard] - brutally modded with custom home widget support

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Veronica Offline
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There are no problems in windows version. Seems your issue is related to non official (osmc) build.

My XBMC/Kodi folder: addons, skins, addon/menu backgrounds & more
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wex101 Offline
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So I am using this skin in Jarvis with great success. Glad I can still use my favorite skin! The only issue I'm having is within the TV guide, there seems to be no dialogue that opens for pressing enter on a channel. I'd be fine with the context menu opening when pressing enter instead of a dialogue window. Is there an easy way to make that happen?
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ClemFandango Offline
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urgh .. this is getting extremely annoying. i'm running openelec on my android box with isengard and i've tried about half a dozen zip files that claim to be the latest version of bello fredo and nothing works - everything gives me the "dependencies not met" error.

even trying to install the bello nero mod gives me the same "dependencies not met" error


ok, through some more searching i actually found this startup fix for isengard for the original bello skin that's worked perfectly.

i've just rebooted the box and it's come back up without an issue, so all is good and i'm happy
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D.K. Offline
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Are you planning a version for Kodi Krypton?
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petitdroud Offline
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(2016-11-01 19:26)D.K. Wrote:  @sualfred
Are you planning a version for Kodi Krypton?

Would be one of the best skin update information if sualfred agreed but unfortunately I'm pretty sure he won't.Frown

Sualfred please save us Big Grin .As Nessus said he won't release an update version for free, you are one of those who can do it for us. Pllllleeeeaaase don't give up.
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sualfred Offline
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Only available for Isengard. I became a father in the beginning of this year and also started a new job with a high responsiblity (less free time). The time which is left, is used to maintain my fTV version. Sorry.
Code is still on GitHub and feel free to take care of it on your own.

GitHub: Click
Skin: fTV Live TV Mod
Skin: BelloFredo (discontinued)
Donate: Donate me a drink! If u want :)
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BTopbas Offline
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I cant forget this theme. I miss in my Krypton. I miss so much..
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sidekick95 Offline
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Can you make a animated Menu like in Bello Nero ? Smile
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