PiTFT Touch Scren For Kodi !
Hello team, thank's for your great job...

A question, with no answer on the web.
!how to calibrate a Touch Screen with KODI !
Is it possible to calibrate with Raspbian, Ubuntu, but not for Kodi for Raspberry !

I have received a PiTft touch Screen form Adafruit, and update your distrib' KODI for Raspberry, with the Adafruit's Kernel. All is working fine, except the touch screen. Only a small square, on the up right, is sensible.
No way to calibrate the sensible area, enven with xorg.cof, or using Adafruit's Tools, tricks and tips !

Could you have a look to this issue. A lot of people are waiting for this stuf !.

Which distro are you using? OpenELEC, OSMC (Raspbmc), Xbian?
(2015-02-28, 05:21)Ned Scott Wrote: Which distro are you using? OpenELEC, OSMC (Raspbmc), Xbian?

Hello, I installed raspbmc (raspbmc-final.img.gz) downloaded here : http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/
[edit] and this sd.img : http://download.raspbmc.com/downloads/bi...nal.img.gz

And I applied those tricks and tips : http://eim-robotics.com/sorted-fun/tutor...uchscreen/
and here http://sernato.sk/2014/03/14/raspberry-p...itft-xbmc/.

Then, today, I will apply those ones :http://www.engineering-diy.blogspot.ro/2015/01/raspberrypi-carpc-tutorial.html.

Peharps, if you now, where the calibration is seted in KODI, I will try to test.


PS : I posted this on Adafruit website : http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php...9&p=350803

UPDATE 1 : I tried with RaspBian, with a KODI installation using app-get, and the PiTFT worked well, but without the good touch area.
UPDATE 2 : I tried directly with the last KODI distribution, the 2015-02-02 image. And I had the same behaviour !!
I will try this later today.
I tried today with 7" EGalax touch screen and KODI 14.The X-Axis is Ok, but Y-Axis is inversed,
I'll see to calibrate it, or usb connection.
For E-Galax inverted Y_Axis, I solved the problem with this issue : http://engineeringdiy.freeforums.org/nee...n-t68.html
by inverting wires #1 and #3 (Red and Green).

Hope this helps..

I'mwaiting for an anwser about our PiTFT problem ;-)
I found a great guide for this just tonight: http://www.circuitbasics.com/setup-lcd-t...pberry-pi/
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