WIP -  1080.iris
(2016-02-11, 08:42)Piers Wrote: People are welcome to send over PR, but it's unlikely many features will get in. Xperience1080 is not one the skins with everything added for the sake of having everything - the aesthetics and functionality come first and always will.

Which is why this is, in my opinion, the best skin for Kodi at the moment. I found my self always liking other concepts and tried a lot of skins. But I always come back to this one, since it is easy to use and the shortest explanation I could give is, it appears like a finished product. Something like you would expect from Google or Apple. Not something that feels like the typical open source hobby project, but a deliberate polished product.
Of course there are other skins like that, but in my opinion this is the best. So thanks very much Piers and keep it up! Smile
Is this coming out any time soon?
Any news on this? Latest screenshots look amazing.
(2016-12-20, 00:54)Ginjutsu Wrote: Any news on this? Latest screenshots look amazing.

Pretty sure this is dead. The developer hasn't been on the forums since January.
Bummer Sad
Thats too bad... exactly the kind of skin ô like ... mauve we could see the work to be reactivated ?
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