Proposal for small Forum Structure change
I've been looking through the forum and I see the need for an area I feel is missing.

I'll go into detail in order to best explain my proposal. (the below is my opinion based on observation and belief in purpose)

Requirements for a Support and Product Forum

1. Easy to access from around the market (in this case the world, as Kodi is globally used) - This is met.
2. A clear structure without overdoing catergories but making it easy to find what's needed - This is met.
3. Clear separation of active stable product, development, social and general - This is partially met.
4. A team of forum staff and members willing to help - This is met.
5. Maintaining a structural balance for first time users, developers and Team Kodi members with as little confusion as possible - This is partially met.

Present Node Structure

Section 1. Announcements, Info, and General Discussion
Section 2. Help and Support
Section 3. Development
Section 4. Off-Topic
Section 5. Read only forums

Note: Section 1a refers to 'Forum Rules', Section 3e refers to 'Python Add-on Development' etc.

Proposed Structure with reason

Key: RED = change | ORANGE = name change | GREEN = no change

Section 1. Announcements and General Kodi Discussion

a. Official Announcements & Forum Rules [merge of Forum Rules (1a) & Kodi Announcements (1b)]
b. General Discussion [name change]
c. Hardware Discussion [new section: split from section 2, this has become a more 'heated' area and support should not be in the same section as general chat about a specific item]
d. Website & Forum Issues or Suggestions [moved from section 3]

Section 2. Help and Support (removal of "Help and Support" is not indicated as a name change: there's no need to have it written so many times)

a. Tips, tricks, and step by step guides [removal from section 1 and added to section 2]
b. Operating System-specific
c. Hardware
d. PVR & Live TV [name change due to some not understanding that PVR also means how they access their 'Live TV' part from within Kodi]
e. Skins
f. Add-ons
g. Supplementary Tools
h. View Guides in the Kodi Wiki [I feel an external link to kodi.wik would be useful here]

Section 3. Development (removal of "Development" is not indicated as a name change: there's no need to have it written so many times)
a. Feature Suggestions [bumped up one place to section 3a, all subsequent items will not have an indication for a change or order due to this]
b. Core Development [name change due my understanding that this sub-forum is for specific discussion of the 'core' parts of Kodi]
c. PVR [name change (apart from removing "Development" due to understanding for developers of what the PVR is]
d. Skinning
additional sub-forum for section 3d - Add-on Skin Requests [I feel this would be useful for the many talented python developers who may want to request a more 'inclusive' default skin for their add-on, I believe it would also help bring in new skinners]
e. Python Add-ons [moved to match current structure of the above Section]
f. Scrapers
g. Screensavers & Visualizations
h. Translations & Languages
i. Team Kodi Featured Discussions (read-only) [moved due to being read-only]

Section 4. Off-Topic
This seems like it's wasted and not really used, uncertain about this area. Personally I'd add this into section 1 as a last option.

Archive & Garbage
Leave 'as is' apart from above name change.

I realise the changes suggested will take less time to do that it has to write about them, but it's a small change that I feel would benefit the community, reduce confusion for first time users and provide a more consistent forum structure.

Does anyone agree, or is this me being too picky?
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