Proposal for small Forum Structure change
(2015-03-16, 22:39)Hitcher Wrote: Here's another suggestion -

Make the Skin WIP forum for skinners only (or at least give us somewhere to share our work privately) so we don't have to put up with what amounts to abuse for not releasing them until we're good and ready.

I've already had my Fire TV thread locked because I've had enough of trying to explain myself when I shouldn't have to in a forum that is titled Work In Progress and now I get this as a result -

(2015-03-16, 21:03)TheLegendOfMart Wrote: What a surprise another skinner throwing their toys out of the pram because people are questioning where skins are.

I agree people shouldn't act entitled but why tease people with skins and then never release them or take months and months, its frustrating.

If you don't have anything ready for release in a short timeframe then don't tease them and please don't give me the "but I have a job" cop-out non-answer, if you don't have the time then don't make skins.

Awaits "you can always make your own skin" comments.

I love this community but I'm getting very close to keeping my work to myself.

Absolutely +1

In my opinion, the example you've quoted above is counter-productive and rude.
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