Proposal for small Forum Structure change
(2015-03-17, 10:59)jjd-uk Wrote:
(2015-03-17, 10:41)Hitcher Wrote: We already have 'Work in progress' and 'Release' prefixes for threads but a small minority don't seem to understand what they mean. I'm open to constructive criticism and don't want to hit the 'Report' button unless I really have to but it is getting out of hand.

Only those invited to the Skinners group would be able to post in "WIP Showcase" subforum.

With "WIP Testing" I wonder if we could restrict thread creation to the Skinners group as well, but anyone can then post to a thread that has been created. So only when a skinner feels ready for public testing do they create the thread in "WIP Testing".

What about allowing moderation of posts in your own threads in the WIP forum?
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