The 'Operating System-Specific Support' font is worng
When I look at the list of all the subforums the 'Operating System-Specific Support' has larger font in some boxes and it's little 'diamond' icon is out of position from every other diamond on the left hand side. I see this on IE and Chrome, logged in and logged out. It's not a big thing but it's something I've noticed since the forum was reorganized today.
That is probably because it is a category, not a forum.
I'll check if I can correct that tomorrow.
It doesn't happen for me on either Chrome 40 or IE 11.

Are you zoomed in ? What is your screen resolution? Maybe a ctrl-f5 hard refresh will fix it ?
Firefox looks fine as well
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Looks fine in Chrome, FF, IE and Opera as well as Android using Chrome and the stock browser my HTC came with.
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I see the larger font with Safari on OS X and iOS.

EDIT: also on FireFox for OS X.
There is something funky going on. I did some digging and found out that there is one class missing for some reason. That explains different font sizes.

See attached picture.

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Probably because it is a category, not a forum. The weird thing is I don't see the difference.
So what browser are you using where you can see it ?
That screenshot was taken from Chrome 42.x (beta? canary?) / Windows 8.1, 1600*900 resolution (laptop). You can see some difference right there, from that screenshot. Blush

Chrome gets following "computed" font-size values

- 13px @ last cell of "General Support" row (missing .col-lastpost class)
- 11.0500001907349px (yeah, really) @ other forums and cells, last cells with .col-lastpost class (.col-lastpost defines font-size:85%)

The difference is really not that big, so don't lose any sleep over that. Big Grin
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The 'Operating System-Specific Support' font is worng00
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