Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi


AutoHotkey is a useful utility that can be used to assign hotkeys (actions) to select key commands. For those unable to use the Windows Media Center SE device, creating a HotKey script is a means of assigning a key combination to start Kodi from Windows.

A tutorial on how to create and execute AutoHotKey scripts is found in this post.

Below are the steps I used to open Kodi.exe with an Ortek VRC-1100 using Start (Windows Key+Alt+Enter) (or #!Enter in the script):
  • Download and Install AutoHotkey (Use the installer and not  the "extract to" function);
  • Download this AutoHotKey Script, which uses the hotkey Win+Alt+Enter;
  • Place the script in any directory and create a shortcut;
  • Press Windows Key + R (Run); 
  • Type:
  • Place the shortcut to the AutoHotKey script in the Windows Startup folder.

Further automation, such as ensuring Kodi remains focused at all times is handled by Launcher4Kodi. The Harmony software can be configured to send out the Start command at the start of the Kodi activity, if this is desired.


EventGhost is an alternative method of configuring a remote by using macros to assign Kodi functions to your Harmony. The program is plugin-based, meaning device profiles must be added manually before macros (functions) can be assigned to these profiles.

A tutorial on how to use EventGhost with MCE remotes is found in this post.

Additional Method of Starting Kodi from Windows

This poster proposes an additional method of starting Kodi from Windows by changing the shortcut assigned to Kodi.exe. This method is untested.


Launcher4Kodi is a HTPC helper utility that auto-starts Kodi on power on and auto-closes Kodi on power off. It can also be used to ensure Kodi remains focused when loaded fullscreen and set either Windows or Kodi to run as a shell.

Troubleshooting Tips

Those experiencing difficulties due to driver issues or remotes that will not recognize commands should visit this post.
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