Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
(2015-03-08, 07:46)Warner306 Wrote: [b]5. CREATING A KODI ACTIVITY – NON-eHOME DEVICES

By now, a single device should be added in the Harmony software based on the remote's manufacturer and product number. The next step involves preliminary work to retrieve a list of commands output by the remote. Remember, we are starting with a remote that outputs Windows Media Center commands. You need to translate those commands to Kodi functions. The goal is to determine what key presses are output by each button and use these key presses to create a customized keyboard.xml. This is a three-step-process:

Can anyone confirm what is mean by "NON eHome Devices" as per this post on page one?
I know that IR Receivers can either fall into the category of "eHome" OR "non-eHome" but other than IR Receivers, what kinds of devices
can also be either "eHome" OR "non-eHome". What devices?

If I have a Harmony Ultimate and I have a Denon A/V Receiver, a Lutron Grafik Eye Wireless Dimmer (6 zone QS), a Verizon Cable Box, a Xantech IR Repeater are all of these devices listed considered "non-eHome". I am aware that eHome Devices will automatically load the eHome Driver in Device Manager for each device added via the Harmony Software Configuration Utility (that thing to program your remote in Windows).

So are you saying here that I will have to open up the Harmony Remote Configuration Utility in Windows 8, add the Devices (Denon Receiver, Lutron Grafik Eye etc) and then look to see in Device Manager if these devices are the word "eHome" in Device Manager?

Is that entire post that I quoted (I know I just quoted the first paragraph) for "non-eHome" Devices?
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