Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
(2016-01-02, 02:14)jaochoo Wrote: I'm having trouble getting it working correctly:

(2015-03-08, 07:46)Warner306 Wrote: ShowKey is a great little app designed to provide a textual display of key commands received by Windows. This app will show both key presses and Windows Media Center app commands.
To use, simply point your remote at the receiver and press a button. The corresponding command will appear on the screen.
1. By default, when I press a button on my remote, ShowKey doesn't display anything. It's doing nothing.
2. When Kodi is running in the background (and I press a button on my remote), ShowKey at least shows something for some of the buttons but not all. For example, it'll show something for Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, but not for Live, List, Menu, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, for example. Pressing the Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, or Menu button, Windows Media Center opens, but ShowKey doesn't show anything.

(2015-03-08, 07:46)Warner306 Wrote: The final step involves taking the translated commands and adding them to a keyboard.xml that can be read by Kodi.
I tried doing this for the volume buttons (up, down, mute), but it's not working. ShowKey gave me the following information:
Quote:Volume up: <volume_up>Notification(Key, volume_up, 3)</volume_up>
Volume down: <volume_down>Notification(Key, volume_down, 3)</volume_down>
Mute: <volume_mute>Notification(Key, volume_mute, 3)</volume_mute>
So I've created a keyboard.xml in C:\Users\XBMC\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\keymaps with the following contents:
However, when I press any of the buttons while Kodi is running, they all toggle mute/unmute (ie. they all do the same), which is what they did by default without having a custom keyboard.xml. They're working just fine on my Panasonic plasma.

I'm using a Harmony 300i with a MS-Tech MC-1200 case and built-in IR receiver (non e-home device I think). MyHarmony has a built-in profile for my case/IR-receiver.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

If showkey won't work, try one of the keymap addons in the official addon repo. I think some of these can change buttons on the remote to Kodi commands through a GUI.
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