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(2016-01-23, 23:34)jerndl Wrote:
(2016-01-23, 17:19)egemenbor Wrote: Hi,

I cant get my Harmony remote to talk to my computer. I use Logitech Smart Control Hub along with the remote that came with it. The hub is connected to my PC via USB.

Under devices I have added my TV and Media Center SE and MCE Keyboard. Ive created an activity which includes all 3 devices so when I press the TV button on the remote it turns on my TV and switches to HDMI 1 *(ive told it that it doesnt need to switch inputs, but it tries to anyway so I dunno)

After adding that activity the TV turns on fine however any PC related commands do not work. Ive tried mapping the buttons individually through buttons --> remote buttons menu but it didnt help. So for example I click my activity (watch tv) press next select the down arrow select SE as the device, click direction down, select both (short and long press) and then click OK. I go into kodi, click the down arrow on the remote and nothing. Ive also tried selecting MCE Keyboard as well however that didnt work either.

Is there something Im missing? Was adding my TV a mistake since the first post doesnt really mention ithowever I would also like to be able to turn my TV on and off.

Also how is the computer communicating with my PC? Through the hub? or does it use the IR Reciever?

Thanks for the help.
This link explains how the Harmony hub communicates with different device types. This link also has some useful info. Ideally as more devices are able to be IP controlled (wi-fi or wired ethernet), Harmony should provide direct support for these devices. IP control is much more robust than IR or bluetooth. Good luck.


Last I checked, wi-fi control of Kodi from remotes such as the Harmony Elite does not yet exist. I am still hopeful this will become possible in the future, as it would encourage me to upgrade. The Official Kodi Remote for iOS has shown how responsive this type of control is compared to IR. Movement of the UI is instantaneous.
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