Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
(2016-01-27, 23:21)HTFanatic Wrote: Just one more thing. I have read the Guide a few times, but I am just starting to program my Harmony Ultimate to work with Kodi.

For the "Keymap" you mention below in The Guide, are these "Keymaps" already setup, and therefore I don't have to create any "Activities" to have these commands work on
my Harmony Ultimate, or do I have to create an "Activity" for each of these "commands" listed below?

If I have to create these "commands/keymaps" below, do I add them as "commands" under the same Custom Activity I initially made or do I create NEW SET OF "Custom Activities"?

Basic Keymap Command List:

Harmony --> Kodi Command --> Device

*Cust (Start) --> Start Kodi --> Win + # (SE)
Cust (Quit) --> Quit Kodi --> Alt + F4 (MCE)
Cust (Full) --> Fullscreen --> Tab (MCE)
Cust (Codec) --> Codec Info --> O (MCE)
Menu > Shutdown Menu > S (MCE)
*Exit --> Back --> Backspace (MCE)
Info --> Info --> I (MCE)
Guide --> Contextual Menu --> C (MCE)
Up Arrow --> Jump to Top --> Home (MCE)
Down Arrow --> Jump to Bottom --> End (MCE)
Cust (Watched) --> Watched Status --> W (MCE)
Cust (Item Up) --> Move Item Up --> U (MCE)
Up --> Up --> DirectionUp (SE)
Down --> Down --> DirectionDown (SE)
Left --> Left --> DirectionLeft (SE)
Right --> Right --> DirectionRight (SE)
Channel Up --> Page Up --> ChannelUp (SE)
Channel Down --> Page Down --> ChannelDown (SE)
*OK --> OK --> Enter (SE)
Prev --> Player Controls --> M (MCE)
Play --> Play --> Play (SE)
Stop --> Stop --> Stop (SE)
Rewind --> Rewind --> Rewind (SE)
Fast Forward --> Fast Forward --> FastForward (SE)
Skip Back --> Skip Backward --> , (MCE)
Skip Forward --> Skip Forward --> . (MCE)
Pause --> Pause --> Pause (SE)
0 to 9 --> Number Keys --> 0 to 9 (MCE)

This is a keymap for one activity. Choose the appropriate device and command for each button. These are the last two entries in the portion above.
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