Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
I have this up and running and it is working. Just working on "tweaking" it more.

I created what Harmony's term for "macros" are. Harmony calls them "sequences".

I have used the Harmony "Myharmony" login to program the remote.

I simply click on the "Button" option to program the "buttons" then it asks me to choose and select which button on the remote that I want to to be programmed (there is a visual layout of the harmony remote on the left), then you select the "device" that you want the button to perform the command, then the "action" that you want that button to perform, based on the
list of available "actions" that the particular device can perform.

I am using both the MCE Keyboard and the Media Center SE devices.

When I pressed "pause" the lights on in my room go on because I have my Lutron Grafik Eye as a device. Also, when I press "pause" on the remote, the Kodi program pauses the movie I am in. I have full control over Kodi with the remote such as the arrow buttons on the Harmony remote controls the direction of which way I want to go in Kodi.

Because I have both the Windows Media Center SE and the MCE Keyboard as devices, I can also pause a Movie, stop it and fast forward.

I have the keyboard shortcut "O" programmed (I forget which device I got this keymap from but it is either the Media Center SE or the MCE keyboard) to the "red record button" on
the Harmony Remote. Therefore when I am NOT in "playback" mode for a Movie (ie when a movie is not playing), while Kodi is however launched, when I press the "red record button" on my Harmony Ultimate, the menu automatically changes to the "Active Movie" windows (ie the menu with the Movie "thumbnails" show up).

In hindsight, I have a Kodi keymap (.xml file) in the correct directory and I have the code written so that the keyboard shortcut for the key "O" is mapped to "ActiveMovie" or something like that, which therefore as stated earlier, if I am in Kodi and NOT in Video Playback mode, then the "ActiveWindow" for the movie list appears on the screen.

If I press the shortcut for "O" on the Harmony remote (as previously stated, I have my Harmony Ultimate programmed with the "O" keyboard shortcut) while a movie is playing the (ie during Video Playback), then the "codec" information is displayed (ie the CPU % used and the codec information etc).

I am still playing with the programming my Harmony Ultimate every night after work using the Media Center SE and the MCE Keyboard.

At this time the only issue I am having is that I have the "Esc" keyboard shortcut mapped to a certain button on my Harmony Ultimate using through the Media Center SE or the MCE Keyboard (I forget which one as I am at work now and not at home), and when I press that certain button on the Harmony Ultimate, instead of going to the "Home Screen" it activates the PVR option. I will have fun fixing this, just haven't had time to play with it a little more. More on this...I don't know what I did wrong with this issue to get the PVR menu, but I am even more confused when I look at Global_keyboard (wiki) and after searching for the letters "PVR" for the entire page, nothing comes up, so I don't know how the H*&# I am able to pull up the "PVR" menue when there apparently is no "PVR" shortcut in the Kodi keyboard controls. Hmmm.

Other than that, I can't figure out why I can program certain buttons to control certain scenes on my Lutron Grafik Eye Dimmer when I am in that device (Lutron Grafik Eye Dimmer) on the Harmony Ultimate, but when I try the same shortcut button on the Harmony remote that I programmed to control that scene when I am in my "Kodi" activity (ie the activity that I press on the Harmony Ultimate to turn on all of the devices just before a movie), the lights do not turn off when I press that particular button that controls the "Scene" to turn all of the lights off.
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