Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
(2016-10-06, 21:51)thenetstriker Wrote: Thanks for the links. I figured out how to configure the bluetooth keboard. I used this guide from Logitech:

I also figured out a way to measure the delay. (I just recorded an audio file and measured the delay from the button click from the remote to the click from Kodi) Here are my results:

- The Bluetooth delay is just as much as the infrared delay. (about 500 ms)
- My Sony remote has a delay of 350 ms.
- I tried different delay and repeat settings and the default settings (400ms and 2 repeats) where the best. (chaning the miliseconds did not affect the delay, but the repeats)
- I also teached the Harmony one of the sony keys, but the delay was also 500ms.
- I tried if sending the keys directly from the remote (RemoteOnly) is faster, but it is even slower. (570ms)

I think there is no way to get to those 350ms from the Sony remote.


Just wanted to tag along, I've got the same problem. Havent got the same scientific method as you, but the remote that came with the reciever is definately very snappy in comparison. The delay is very noticable (i'm about 500ms myself), but the repeat is the worst.

Have tried with an IR reciever I bought, several Harmony's, and now with another IR reciever aswell. Same problem across the line unfortunately. Tried a Philips universial remote once, and it was fine. Unfortunately not as powerful as the Harmony. The IR reciever i'm using now is integrated in my new Intel NUC, running Windows 7 with latest drivers.

Did you get any further?
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