Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
(2016-01-13, 16:16)LaRocK Wrote: Hi All

Just wanted to say thanks to Warner for setting up this guide it has saved me tearing out what's left of my hair.

Running an HTPC on windows 10 home with Microsoft A9O-00007 IR receiver and a Harmony 555 remote. I have set everything up as per the guide in the harmony software with MCE Keyboard and Windows Media Center SE as devices along with my TV and logitech surround system. Created activities for TV and Kodi and programmed the Kodi activity with the Basic Keymap Command List: as per the guide.

The issue I am having is that I can start Kodi with the remote and use the four buttons either side of the lcd screen to navigate and use functions, however none of the other keys on my remote work in Kodi for (play, stop, menu, back, arrow up, down, left, right etc.). I have kind of hit a blonde moment now where I am looking through the harmony software to try and figure out what I have set up wrong or if I am missing something.

Any ideas would be greatly appreaciated as I'm almost at the finishing line and falling at the last hurdle, Thanks!

This is EXACTLY the same problem that I am having right now.
For 1 entire year, my buttons that are having a problem WORKED FLAWLESSLY ("Play", "Pause", "Stop", "Rewind" "Fast Forward") but after restoring my OS
to the original state of the PC, and then re-installing Kodi, I'm having this same problem.
I know that my "Play" etc buttons work, because I programmed the "Play" button to another device's function, but I can't get them to control Kodi.
I am a person that enjoys a challenge but this is getting ridiculous.
Tonight I will have to reload the OS again and then re-install Kodi and see what happens.
*bangs his head against a wall for infinity*

Did you ever figure out a solution to getting your "Play", "Pause", "Stop", "Rewind" "Fast Forward" to work with Kodi?
If so, what did you do?
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