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(2017-03-21, 01:02)delboy666 Wrote: Hey i have a question, I use kodi to watch live tv. does anyone have any idea how i can use the favourite channels feature on my harmony ultimate? I have been looking for a way to start live tv from a keyboard shortcut but not having any luck. any advice would be useful. Thanks.

I just did this and I'm sharing this as quickly as I can type because I need to run out and mow the lawn before it rains.

So: Here's how I did it on a Harmony 600. I'm sure these steps will be different, but I can't imagine your fancy remote has less features than my cheapy one.

I think you have 2 problems: 1) Getting favorite channels and 2) Launching Live TV with the remote. I'll tackle these separately.

1) Getting favorite channels. I can't add them normally because my tv app (HDhomerun) weirdly uses a down-arrow for the period in OTA channels. This is what I did: Launch myharmony app. Go to edit buttons and choose "Watch TV" (or whatever you named the activity) in the part for editing the screen. On the left you'll see a selection area for commands. There's also a tab for sequences. Select this.

Name the label for your favorite channel (eg. "Fox") and keep adding steps in the sequence. For me it looked like this:

Device=Windows Media Center SE + Command=4
Device=Windows Media Center SE + Command=5
Device=Windows Media Center SE + Command=DirectionDown
Device=Windows Media Center SE + Command=1

It looks like that because the sequence is 4, then 5, then down arrow (that puts the "." in for my HDHomerun), then 1.

Then I hit save and drag the sequence onto my screen. I only had a couple -- I wanted CBS, Fox and NBC to jump quickly from channel to channel during football season. It's a pain to put in, but it works. Add an "enter" at the end of the sequence if your app requires it; mine doesn't.

2) Launching live tv. I downloaded the keymap editor addon (in programs). The I went to global and near the bottom was an entry for addons. I selected the HDHomerun app and when it asked for a key to assign to it I held up my remote and pressed the record key. Then I backed out until it asked me to save.

Now the record key launches the tv app. You can use some other unused key if you need record for some reason.

You can also edit your "Watch TV" activity to include the record command (or whatever you used) to automatically launch your app when you press the Watch TV button. Quick tip, put the command in twice in a row to deactivate the screen saver if you leave your pc on all the time like me. Otherwise the command goes through but only stops the screensaver.

I had another bizarre step that required an even more bizarre workaround to do first because for some reason my remote wasn't sending any numbers to Kodi, but hopefully you won't have that problem.
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