Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
Logitech Harmony firmware upgrade to v4.13.100 seems to have broken IR to my PC, which runs Kodi. Let me explain.

The official Harmony app on Android auto-updated last night. As a result a message was displayed on the app saying "Harmony Hub firmware must by upgraded to be compatible with this version of the app". OK, I thought. Shouldn't be an issue. So I ran the Sync option in the app, according to the documentation also forces a firmware upgrade on the hub. The hub upgraded to v4.13.100, released July 27, 2017.

Now, none of the IR commands from the hub to the PC work anymore. Nothing happens. TV controls fine. But the PC is silent. All of this worked perfect literally minutes before the firmware upgrade. Nothing has changed on the PC/TV side. IR in PC has a Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver, Nuvoton SIO CIR NTN0530.

I've tried deleting the old device and re-adding it as the following Manufacturer/Model pairs, nothing works.
  • Microsoft/MCE Keyboard
  • Microsoft/Windows Media Center SE
  • Microsoft/Kodi *
  • Computer/Windows
None of those devices can get IR to the PC working again. I can't downgrade the app (can't find older versions) and downgrading the hub seems impossible as well (again, can't find old version of the firmware). Anyone else see or are experiencing this?

* Note: Harmony seems to have REMOVED IR support for this device (Microsoft/Kodi) in this firmware build. All their "older" docs say it is supported, but if you set this pair, a warning about "IR not supported, please use Bluetooth" (or something like that) is displayed.
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