Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
(2018-03-25, 19:47)Warner306 Wrote: Can anyone confirm if the instructions in this guide still work in 2018? A lack of support for the devices (e.g. MCE Keyboard) listed by Harmony has been mentioned. Is this still the case? I haven't had to reprogram either of my remotes, so they are still working fine.
 I'll try to let you know. After 7 years, I'm building-up a new Windows-10 box with Kodi-v17.x . I came here looking for a new definitive guide. For some reason, I always dread this "remote control setup" part of the build. I would not mind doing a build-thread, but I didn't really see anyone doing those here.

First, thanks for writing this up. If nothing else, it gives users a good starting point (but it appears to provide much more).

The box I'm replacing is Kodi-v16, with a MCE/eHome/RC6 Remote (and it's matching USB_IR-Dongle). According to my notes, I got the RC6 Remote working. For the Harmony-670, you setup a "Windows MCE Computer" ...basically it emulates the other RC6 remote.

For this new box, I thought that maybe everyone moved to a new IR standard (and I could just go to Amazon and buy something that would make it easier). However, if this guide is still definitive, it's still as complicated as ever (no offence) . For reference, I used EventGhost on MediaPortal with an Ortek, back in-the-day ... talk about kludgy .  Smile That took forever to get just right.
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