Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
I am using a bluetooth dongle for a Harmony Ultimate remote. It's working great except for one small detail. I have an older Antec case with a frontview display that I don't use but it comes with its own internal wiring attachment for remote power on / power off. The problem is that neither the Logitech "Antech Media Center" nor the "Windows Media Center" Power On or Power Off commands work. What DOES work is the Power Toggle (yes I wish the discreet commands worked, but, they do not.) The weird thing is when I go to customize the activity, the Antec and/or Windows Media Center Power On commands are there and I cannot remove them - which is fine, they don't do anything, just a bit of delay I suppose in completing the sequence - but when I add a command, and choose either device, Power Toggle is not available to add either during Power On or Power Off. Now, if I'm just out in activity, and press DEVICES, the power toggle command is there and it works. So I added it to the screen and when I press activity, and that sequence finishes, I hit power toggle. But I'm a bit of a perfectionist and would like to perfect that. I think next step is to take the original remote, and train a new command to the Logitech and call it PowerOnOff and then see if I can add that. It's so weird that Power Toggle is there under devices but not available as a selection on Power On or Power Off Sad
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