Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
(2019-03-03, 21:35)HTFanatic Wrote: I have had my Harmony Ultimate controlling Kodi on my Windows 7 for years thanks to this epic thread that was created to help us all.

I had to create a new activity in addition to the one that I have used for years to control my Windows 7 PC (Kodi) and I never had problems
controlling the "directional" aspects of Kodi (ie the up/down/left/right) control of Kodi.  The response has always been immediate with regards
to my Harmony Ultimate controlling the direction of navigating movie lists, and the different places you can go in Kodi.

Then after I created the new activity (controlling my Verizon cable box), some weird stuff started to happen.

1. The issue I have had for at least a year with the Harmony Ultimate controlling my Lutron Grafik Eye light control, all of a sudden started working again!!!!
    This was after I have spent countless hours on the phone with Logitec, trying to fix the control of my Lutron Grafik Eye with the Harmony Ultimate.

2. The second weird thing after creating this new Verizon Cable box control Activity on the Harmony Ultimate, was that I lost complete directional control
    of Kodi with the Harmony Ultimate remote.  I had to go in a manually assign the directional functions of Kodi to the Left/right/up/down buttons on the Harmony Ultimate using
    "MyHarmony" app to configure everything. This new manual button assignment that I had to do myself is kind of slow and lagging compared to the way directional control  used
     be for a few years when I originally configured the Harmony Ultimate to control Kodi. The other thing missing is my fast forward/rewind buttons on the Harmony Ultimate not working
     now as well which I am about to assign manually to the Fast Forward/Rewind buttons.

Any ideas why I suddenly lost directional arrow control on Kodi?
 Do you remember what devices you started with when you first created the Kodi activity? Maybe you are now using a different device. I am using Windows Media Center SE for the directional controls. If you have the Harmony Hub, perhaps you were using Bluetooth keyboard pairing?
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