Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
looking for some advice here if anyone knows the answer. I had an htpc setup that worked well except for flaky motherboard Bluetooth. But when it worked, all commands worked. I imaged over to a new non-Bluetooth motherboard with a Bluetooth dongle.

Since I imaged, both my K830 keyboard and Harmony keyboard came over as 'paired' but they aren't truly because they are 'paired' to a Bluetooth chip on a motherboard that's in a cardboard box downstairs.

With the K830 I hit function, delete, it goes into pair mode, in Windows 10 I go to settings, Bluetooth add Bluetooth, it found the K830 and added it and that's actually what I'm typing on right now. I have 2 K830's a "paired" one (consider it a ghost entry) and a "connected" one, this one. 

I need to achieve the same result with the Harmony keyboard … but after a bit of fiddling have had no luck. I tried to remove the Harmony keyboard and all I get is 'remove failed.' I didn't have to remove the K830 it just added another entry but I went down that road just trying something, anything. Any thoughts?

PS: I'm thinking I'm going to have to do a full reset on everything - hub and remote - and have it blow everything down from the cloud, which will let me pair with the htpc. I know no other way to actually accomplish this but it really seems like overkill. I'll wait a bit for someone smarter than I Smile I can live with the K830 as my remote for a day or two Smile
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