Win Switching to Kodi from MeediOS / FileBrowser?
Hey there,

I'm currently in the process of moving to Kodi from MeediOS. There's quite a lot of
differences but as far as I can see it all looks very promising. Customizing the themes
to my likes is a bit tedious but possible. XML shouldn't be any harder than the XAML/WPF
files MeediOS uses Smile

One thing I'm still missing... and somehow I can't find anything related to it, maybe
I'm just using the wrong queries or whatever. I'm looking for a simple file browser. Big Grin

I'd like to browse files on local disks/mapped network drives without adding them
to any libraries first. The file manager is not really what I'm looking for as it's still
necessary to tell him which drives to browse. What I'd like is something like in

- Add file browser to main menu


When selecting this from the menu I get a list of all local drives and can
browse through them. So when plugging a USB stick I don't have to care what
drive letter will be assigned and so on.

For tv shows I'm also using the file browser. I don't need fancy graphics and
text for every single episode - so I'd like to have something like in MeediOS:

- Add FileBrowser
- Configure FileBrowser to look for files in D:\Media1; E:\Media2; F:\Media3;
- Add button to the main menu

When calling this I get a list of all files inside the directories, just like using the
windows libraries. Sorted alphabetically, no need to rerun any importers, just
copy the files to the directories and done.

Any ideas on how to get this set up? Or am I just missing something obvious here?


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Switching to Kodi from MeediOS / FileBrowser?0
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