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(2015-09-26, 18:18)canipar Wrote: Hi.

It would be a good thing that Mini EPG is Kodi feature, not just skin modification.
Reason is that a lot of us that are using Kodi to watch LiveTv have different taste for skins :-). Also this Timeline view type in Maniacs Aeon Nox is changing EPG view, so you cannot have timeline on whole screen and mini EPG view while watching TV (maybe I am wrong).

Press E for EPG for whole screen view, press UP or Down key while watching Tv to have mini EPG for recording scheduling, viewing program info etc...

Is it just me that would like to have this feature in Kodi or there are more users that think this would be nice to have?

Yes ,i also think that mini timeline epg should be a own ActivateWindow not replace the full timeline view. One should be able to use both windows from mapped buttons on remote and from side blade menu.
Is this request still open? I came from wmc and i would also like to have my lovely mini epg within Kodi.
Move through mini timeline while watching tv could be a nice feature.
(2018-01-28, 22:46)tehax Wrote: Move through mini timeline while watching tv could be a nice feature.

We have this for a long time. Activate "confirm channel switch with OK" and channel will not be switched when you are in full screen and hit up/ down. Instead, you can flip through a mini epg of the different channels.

What information is actually displayed in the mini epg is up to the skin, btw.
Yes, but could you add a mini timeline to Kodis standard skin please or maybe ask someone in the team
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