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I don't understand why people feel the need to interject every time someone suggests using a 3rd party scraper.

It might be fine for you guys but the fact that there are so many different ones should tell you something.

If you have 100 blockbuster movies and 12 US TV Shows then fine. Stick with the native scrapers. Reassess this again when you have 6530 Movies, 951 TV Shows, 43883 Episodes in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

A lot of people are meticulous and like things the way they like them. If everyone was the same, then Kodi would have 1 Skin, 1 language, 1 scraper, etc...

I have lost my XBMC library more times than i can count because i usually install the bleeding edge or i have had some mishaps happen. I actually lost it all last night because somehow Kodi 14.2 special build for dateadded fix said i had no network connection when i actually did and it deleted everything it couldn't connect to. Obviously i have wised up now and have an automated MySQL backup every night so i was able to restore it. Now using the native scrapers, how do i know which movie has been misidentified? Remember it's not just the american blockbusters in my collection. And then, there is this:
  • I want to choose which poster is used
  • I want my French movies to have the Plot in French and all other movies have the plot in English
  • I want to choose the fanart
  • I want the title of my non English or French movies to be written like this: English Title (Orignal Title)
  • I want to download the trailer and not link to it (Online stuff gets deleted ALL the time)
  • I also use Plex and MediaBrowser to watch stuff outside my home network. They both import my Kodi NFOs so i don't have to waste bandwidth and time doing it 3 times


The fact of the matter is that the poor guy couldn't get his movie recognized by Kodi and it went so far as to him having to sleep in another bed! I told him him to use a Media Manager as it's easier to FORCE recognition of a movie no matter how it's named. He saw a ray of hope and is now sticking with Kodi instead of just giving up and trying another program.

In the interest of not hijacking this thread, i will say that i am not gonna reply again. Just wanted to show that there are legitimate reasons for using Media Managers.
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(2015-03-13, 17:01)Pr.Sinister Wrote: [snip snip]

A lot of people are meticulous and like things the way they like them. If everyone was the same, then Kodi would have 1 Skin, 1 language, 1 scraper, etc...

[/snip snip]
This is the key. Everyone is different. So everyone needs different options. The more options someone is thrown, the better choice they have.

There is no one answer as you say.

There is no one here saying a third party scraper is bad. Looks to me like lots of different options are all being given a positive spin here. This means the OP is going to be able to find his own perfect solution.
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I'm a little bit in between. I have no problems forcing a movie or TV show to scan, and I've actually done it a few times, but I normally skip the NFO step. I just select the entry under Videos -> Files and then either hit refresh (if it was scanned incorrectly) or select "information" and I'm given the option to manually type in a title, which bypasses the file/directory name completely.

Either way, Pr.Sinister is correct. If this wasn't correct then we probably wouldn't have NFO support in the first place. All options mentioned in this thread are correct and available to the end user.
I find filebot great to get the names right in the first place, after that scraping works fine. But I don't have quite the same needs as Mr Sinister. I have plenty of non English movies, but am generally happy with the scraped info from tvdb and tmdb. I have added to both databases. That is a much better option than making an nfo for in unrecognised show/movie.
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