Project Idea: Updating the Kodi Remote App for Android
Hey guys,
So since my actual proposal has changed quite a bit from the proposal on the first post of this thread, I thought i'd post a more updated version here

Quote:Name: Prabashwara Seneviratne

Forum/e-mail: [email protected]

Name: Transcoding support in Kodi and Playback support in Kore

Summary: Transcoding is one of the most requested features for Kodi and my aim is to implement transcoding in Kodi. The ideal end result would be to have transcoding support in Kodi's UPnP server so that it would allow UPnP Renderers to stream any kind of media from Kodi despite only supporting a few specific types. However, as per feedback of the developers on the forum, implementing transcoding within the UPnP Server (Which uses platinum SDK) and supporting various mime types that varies from device types to manufacturers, would be too complex and beyond the time frame given for this project. So, with this feedback in mind, my idea is to implement transcoding support in Kodi which is be triggered using the JSON RPC API, to set up a media stream using Kodi's built-in webserver. Moreover, I am also going to add playback support to Kore remote app, which leverage the new transcoding functionality (in this case for a fixed set of profiles (i.e 480p, 720p, 1080p)) so that users will experience the benefits of this project more readily.

How will I achieve this: I will create a "transcoder" program that uses ffmpeg's libav libraries that accepts a file and the output media profile as parameters. This will also involve modifying Kodi's webserver to support redistributing streams (similar to ffserver). Then i will extend the JSON RPC API by either adding a new namespace for transcoding or extending the existing "Files" to support sending arguments to the "transcoder" and then reply with the stream address.Finally, i will implement playback support in Kore, that provides the user with a player interface, the ability to swap between controlling kodi or playback on the local device and the ability to set from a few preset media profiles to stream.

What will the project focus on: This project will focus mainly on adding transcoding support to Kodi via a "transcoder" program, extending the JSON RPC API to send commands to the "transcoder" and adding playback/streaming support to Kore.

Benefits: This project will benefit both developers and users alike. Developers will be able to use the transcoding functionality to add more functionality to their external applications (eg: remotes) and also use it in the future to implement transcoding within the UPnP server. Users will benefit by being able to stream media directly to their smartphones via the remote app which is a very convenient feature. Moreover if they are streaming their media collection over the internet, due to multi profile support, they will be able to save bandwidth or improve viewing conditions due to connection speeds.

Goals: Be familiar with ffmpeg libraries and the Kodi source before the project starts. Also design the UI changes for Kore before project start so that it can be approved.
Develop transcoder program
Extend webserver to support streaming
Extend JSON RPC API to support setting up trancoded streams
Extend Kore to support streaming and playback.

What does it touch in Kodi: Webserver and JSON RPC API sections of Kodi

Requirements: C++, ffmpeg, JSON RPC API, Android

Right now I am working on the actual proposal that I will be submitting to the GSOC site which i will upload in a few hours(have to go to campus for a bit). I am currently working on the timeline section and while i have a basic idea of how to apportion the the time available (5 weeks for transcoding, 2 weeks for webserver and JSON extension, 3 weeks for Kore extension and 2 weeks buffer for in case i am unable to meet the above deadlines), I could really use you guys' help with this

As always, any other advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated
(2015-03-13, 22:30)Prabash Wrote: Hello Smile
My name is Prabashwara and I am a Software Engineering Student from Sri Lanka. For the past few years, i have been using XBMC or Kodi, Mainly on linux but also on windows and since recently on the raspberry pi. I have also used the XBMC remote app several times which is what gave me this idea for a project for my first GSOC

Quote:Updating the Kodi Remote App for Android
Goals: Create a fully functional remote app with a library view, separate views for separate media types (i.e Videos, Music, TV, Pictures) complete with playback and other controls,
share button integration, Google now integration and media downloading to local device.
Any feedback/suggestions/guidance on how I should go about this project is greatly appreciated.

New remote - is not new idea. But if you'll look at this idea from another point - it can be a very good. I talk about remote as second screen or LCD/VFD replacement made on Android phone. A lot of people has old Android 2.x phones that was upgraded for new ones and those phones are simply collecting dust.

My idea for your application is combined remote PLUS current status of Kodi like current playing song name + album art, maybe lyrics; the name of radio station; stats of movie like current position, artworks, actors, short description; weather info and so on. This app can connect to Kodi by IP, Bluetooth and USB cable. USB cable connection can allow to replace old LCD/VFD screens without Wi-Fi or another wireless.
Thank you so much for your suggestion. The thing is there is already a new official remote app for Kodi (called Kore) under development and it already has many of the features that you described (i.e viewing the current status of Kodi along with album art, cast details) and above all else, has a modern interface, which was one of the main targets of my original proposal. However, my new proposal (post 16) consists of adding streaming support to Kore along with support for multiple video profiles which is kind of like having a second screen for Kodi. Also since we are talking about older android devices, a lower quality video preset could be selected as older devices may not be able to handle full HD content.
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