Scraping names that include a ' character fails
When scraping a TV series, using local NFO's, one episode simply would not get added with the others.

Seems that Kodi 14.0 & 14.1 and Openelec 5.03 does not like file names such as "series name s1e5 - something's wrong".
In this case, the metadata for episode 5 will not be pulled into Kodi/Openelec database as it seems something internal balks at the ' within the filename.
Removing the offfending ' and cleaning then scraping database saw epsidoe 5 taking it's place amongst the other episodes for the series.

I've looked in Naming video files/TV shows (wiki) for some naming hints and restrictions but didn't see anything about allowable or not allowable character sets Huh
Is this a known issues or somthing everyone just learns about through frustration?
I'm a XBMC novice :)
Have you checked, that the NFO file has exact the same name as the movie file?

Have you tried to rename both (NFO and movie file) to:

series name S01E05 - somethings wrong
be aware that I added a "0" before and removed the ' in the filename

If you did all of them and nothing works, please enable debug logging and provide a Debug Log after scraping those files.
I don't think that is the issue, I have plenty of files, with .nfo's that have the (') in the file name.

With the .nfo are you entering it as ('90s)
Therefore it would be: ('90s)

The remark being: '
K4ash1n, the .nfo contents were created some time ago via a kodi scrape on my net connected machine prior to saving the library as individual files and everything seemed fine on the net connected machine Smile
It's only after a bout of kodi updates and then moving these series files to the living room system did i noticed a problem.
And i didn't stuff around with the .nfo internals in this instance so I doubt the .nfo contents are the issue.
But it's good to know that apostrophes are not a problem in file names Nod

David, i changed the file names of the .kmv, .jpeg and .nfo in a number of ways (including S01E05, and such) but only when i removed the apostrophe did the rescan find the episode.
So either i'm going blind and didn't notice an obvious or less obvious/subtle naming error or it sorted itself out when i removed the apostophe.
When i have some play time, i'll look into recreating the problem and then enable debug logging and take it from there.
Just hope it wasn't some bout of file name tunnel vision Blush

And all this trouble with multiple files reminds me that having metadata within the mkv file itself would be the ideal solution (where one container has all that is needed for kodi to display stuff and play the movie/episode) Nod
I'm a XBMC novice :)

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Scraping names that include a ' character fails0
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