Frequently Asked Questions

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Question  Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Why is a widget being shown even though I selected "None" for the widget type?
A. Because you need to set a background or fallback slideshow to show in its place.

Q. How do I set a background for a menu item?
A. You can set individual backgrounds by selecting "Select Background" from Skin Settings > Home > Customise home menu.

Q. How can I set a fallback slideshow for the home screen?
A. You can set the fallback slideshow from Skin Settings > Home > Set slideshow path.

Q. Why can't I use the weather widget?
A. You need to set up weather fanart first. Skin Settings > Backgrounds > Set weather fanart. See for weather fanart packs.

Q. Why can't I see such and such folder when browsing for a background?
A. You need to set that folder as a source in the file manager. File manager can usually be found in the Settings submenu. If you don't have a file manager item then you will need to add it to the home menu through the customisation dialog. Once you set a source in the file manager, that source will then show up in the background dialog.

Q. How can I open the submenu when clicking OK?
A. Set the menu item custom action to SetFocus(302,0)
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