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Frequently asked Questions

Known bugs

What is the minimum required version of DVBViewer Recording Service?

Can I disable the "Connection lost" warnings?
Yes, see

Is there a way to shut down the system after recording?
Just let the system shutdown itself as soon as it's idle:
The recording service will prevent standby as long as it's recording.

Is there support for transcoding?
Yes, see Add-on:DVBViewer_Client#Advanced_Settings (wiki)

Live TV

I've added some new channels but they don't appear in Kodi
Make sure the recording service has been restarted. Stop Kodi, restart the recording service, then start Kodi again.

Some channels are still missing *and* I'm using favourites only
Most probably the channel id has been updated but the favourites are still referencing the old one. Remove the channel from your favourites and re-add it again.

Some channels are missing in the EPG/TV guide view
By default Kodi hides channels without any EPG entries.

I'm missing additional audio tracks and/or subtitles and/or teletext
Your recording service isn't configured correctly. Check out

I'm getting the wrong audio track. Even when I put the channel with the desired language in my favourites.
The channel referenced in the favourites is only used to search in the full list. So the full list is what matters.
Open the channel list editor and make the desired language the primary channel. You can do this by dragging the sub-channel with the desired language above the current primary channel. Afterwards restart the recording service and Kodi so changes take effect.

How fast is channel switching?
Usually 3 to 5 seconds, depending on your hardware/setup.

Can you make channel switching faster?
No. And please stop asking unless you want yourself to invest an awful lot of time. Requests will be ignored.


Can I set a margin?
Yes, see Configuring_live_TV_settings#Recording (wiki)

...more to be added
Known (low-priority) bugs

Please check out the bug tracker first:

The timeshift buffer has no limit
The buffer will only be truncated on channel switch. See bug tracker
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