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I'm not really in favour of censorship. I think community moderation could be tried first -- i.e. if a post breaks the rules, point out to the poster that they are breaking the rules and link them to the rules thread. If they persistently break the rules then they will get reported and warned about a temporary ban.

Its not about military type enforcement, just about keeping the forum focused on skin development rather than "can I haz release plz" posts (as it was put by Ned Scott). By having the rules, it also allows skin developers to feel a bit better about ignoring posts -- the way it is currently, you ignore one "can I haz" post and suddenly you have a bunch of comments along the lines of "oh its abandoned wah wah wah" etc.

re: Starting Threads,, There is already a general forum rule 2.3.8 Don't misrepresent the work of others as your own.
As long as its not doing that, then I think its fine. If the skin author specifically requests for the thread to be pulled/closed then action can be taken from there. I'm not looking to impose a ton of rules restricting free speech or stopping end users from posting - I just want some guidelines to highlight the types of posts that are acceptable so as to offer a little buffer of protection to developers in a development forum.

I don't think any skinners/developers are so affected by these entitlement posts that they take them home with them. However, dealing with them *is* draining. Ultimately, it wont necessarily mean skinners will stop skinning, it just means that they will quit the forums - which will be a real shame as we then lose that rich community interaction.

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