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(2015-03-18, 06:17)jurialmunkey Wrote: In light of recent events, I thought it would be good to start a discussion on some rules that can keep the focus of posts in this forum on the development of skins - especially considering this is a development subforum.

I totally agree. I was about to post in the OSMC thread before it was splitted but that had nothing to do with the skin itself, so I didn't.

I thought about a similar post as a reminder and you did it. I think it's nothing else that just showing some respect for eachothers.
Some people would say I'm pretty new here and that's right. However I have a lot of experience in communities and skinning from the time I was insanly active on other softwares forums. I'm proud to be there, next to many talented skinners and to see that after a 15 years break (yeah, I'm that old dammit), it's still a pleasure to see awesome people's creativity.

Skinning or development is before everything else a passion, a creativity explosion need (like when you open a coke can) and a lot of time. Sharing allows a rich source of ideas to make it even better thanks to others. Some people have to understand that if the source is polluted, as Jurial said, contributors will just leave or go elsewhere it is more "productive".

The fact is that this development subforum is opened to everyone. It has somme positive points and negative ones. For my opinion, it's a good point but .... still ... it needs people to calm down and be patient (or even handle some disappointment if a project doesn't come to end). I too, says Woahh when launching Jurial latest skin, Jump around out of patience when seeing Hitcher's ftv teasings (out of subject kidding : I see this guy like an octupus with each arm working on a skin on different computers and another one for drinking a soda), or being impressed by other's skins asking myself how he's doing this or that ! It would be a long list of special thanks here to anyone that helped me out, sent congrats, inspired me or made me smile when using a skin/dev.

So visitors, please ... take it easy and be patient.

(2015-03-18, 07:40)Karnagious Wrote: Also, how about a rule that no one can start a thread about a skin that they aren't themselves actively working on?

I would say that even if somenone is not actively working on something, ideas are welcome. I see more a didicated thread for "Ideas and Mockups" for grouping everything in a single clear and readable way. I regulary have a look at http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=193006 where there's many awesome ideas.
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