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In principle I perfectly agree. Sorry for using the word "product". I used it because I could not come across a better word for english is not my native language. But was it really necessary to throw your last sentence on me?

Since you mention that there are already regulations in place regarding general conduct and tone and you, too, are not a fan of censoreship I think those rules should also be enough to cover "too agressive asking" about the status of a skin or its release date. To be honest: I am not so much a fan of stating what people should be entitled to ask or not to ask - especially not in the internet, our last refuge of (relative) freedome. Therefore I would prefer it to remain an individual matter whether or not a question or comment exceededs the politeness we all may expect from members of this forum. And by supervising those rules the mods should try to avoid - best as they can - to apply different kinds of measurement just because they may sympathize with one opinion or even one member. Tolerance means accepting that somebody may have a different opinion.

Btw: I know we had our differences in the Artic MKII thread but besides that I want to say that you are doing a great job with the Arctic Zephyre skin and you also seem to provide very, very good support to it. I am mentioning this because I think people can be of different opinions and still value what the other one is doing.



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RE: Discussion - rules for this subforum - by fantasticn - 2015-03-18, 13:29

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