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I stand by what I said. This forum is for developers not users. If a user cannot deal with the fact that not every idea put forth will necessarily come to fruition then the development forum is the wrong place for them to be.
The description of this forum specifically states "GUI skin development and xml coding, for skinners only."

The fact of the matter is that it already takes a considerable amount of time just to read and respond to forum posts. The types of posts that I'm suggesting be proscribed add absolutely nothing of value to the development of skins. All they do is waste the time and energy of skinners that could be better spent elsewhere.

Essentially what I am saying is that I like having end-users in this forum because their insights can be valuable, but it is important that posts in this forum contribute to development in someway. This can be simply by giving encouragement - "looks good, keep it up". It can be a criticism - "I don't like feature X because of reason Y". It can be a request - "will you be supporting addon X?". It can be a suggestion - "I think if you did X it would really improve ease of use". All of these things add value. Even if you suggest a feature and it isn't added, it still adds value because ideas are being shared.

Constant asking for an ETA or complaining that a skin isn't moving as fast as one would like does absolutely nothing to add value whatsoever - it is an entirely self-serving action. The problem isn't asking in a polite way, the problem is repetitive posts that lack value. Some simple guidelines will prevent the need for heavy handed moderation - the whole point is to reduce the workload for moderators and skinners so that more time can be spent actually developing and improving skins.

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