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Again I can understand your point of view. But you are only following the developers side of the story. On the one hand you are claiming that this subforum is only for the developers. But on the other hand you are admitting that every developer welcomes and even needs the feedback and critics from the users otherwise he could not make much progress in his development. And I would add: Without the interest of the users in the projects we would most probably see not too much development at all.

So when you like to implement rules limiting the questions the users should be entitled to ask with respect to any kind of development than we could - in return - also state some rules that those developments or its developers have to follow. E.g. we could state that all projects that have not even started to show some kind of result (e.g. a first alpha version or at least screenshots) or that are officially not under development anymore (discontinued) may not be called a "work in progress" and may be banned from this development section because there actually is no "progress" in those projects yet or anymore. We could also state that a development first has to pass a certain catalog of aspects before it is granted entry to this subforum. All projects passing such tests may then rightfully claim to not being questioned from any user as to their status. But in my opinion we should not mplement such rules either. Both sides - users and developers - may share their freedome even in this subforum. Developers may post what ever idea they have and may follow it at whatever pace they like. But they may in return tolerate questions from some users as to the progress of their development as long as these questions are not raised in an unfriendly way. I would assume that porjects actually showing any kind of "progress" may not become subject to such kind of questions anyway. And btw: Nobody forces you or any other developer to answer a questions you do not like. Sometimes its someonelse stepping in and giving the right answer anyway. The regulations of the forum should only make sure that question and answer - if any - do always follow the rules of conduct and tone and that people do treat each other with respect.



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