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(2015-03-19, 00:47)Skribbler1 Wrote: When a polite question as asked to a developer about the progress of a skin, it would be very much appreciated if the developer answers in just as a polite manner as the question was asked.
Did you read any of my posts at all Huh

(2015-03-19, 00:47)Skribbler1 Wrote: If users are obligated to watch how they ask questions, or perhaps not ask certain questions at all, then devs should be obligated to share regular updates. If this does not seem reasonable then I say we stop creating rules against free speech and drop the 'censorship' Smile

False equivalence. Proscribing vs prescribing conduct. Being told *not* to do something is entirely different from being told you have to do something. Developers owe you nothing.

Every single forum has rules for what is and isn't acceptable. We have rules about being polite and civil, about not discussing piracy addons, about not misrepresenting others works, and so on. I am not suggesting censure of voices - I'm suggesting some guidelines for posting in this forum so that it is more productive and conducive to development of skins, which is the purpose here. Otherwise the option is to lock threads until there is a release (like furii suggested) or the developers leave the forums entirely and you get nothing as an end user. Its as simple as that.

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