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(2015-03-19, 00:31)furii Wrote: yes, please, this. i'm so tired of seeing those types of posts.

honestly, i would be totally fine if threads were locked so that only the skinner could post to give updates on where things are at. i'm sure this is an extreme view few others might share. i know this would make it difficult for skinners to get feedback. however, if a skin is to the point where feedback is desired it's likely because there has been some kind of release and the above types of posts would be nonexistent anyway.

Yeah, that is exactly where we would end up finally. And that is not the place I want to be: A forum that is not a dialoge for all members anymore but only the communication-plattform of the "elite". Please accept that not everybody is a developer and there are noobs, novices, experts etc. etc. etc. Some people might not be "skinners" or software-developers. They might have their skills in other things. But hat does not deprive them of the right to ask questions. Even more I think it grants them the right to do so because a forum is a plattform to share knowlegde especially with the ones who do not have it.

(2015-03-19, 09:45)TheLegendOfMart Wrote: Where do you get off saying users shouldn't be able to do this or say that, you say we should be respectful but when users ask questions we are met with either silence or very aggressive/dismissive responses that talk down at us.

If you want to dictate how us lowly skin users should act then it should be a two way street, developers should be respectful of people who are excited to use their latest creation and have a set of rules that govern them also.

No one is saying that developers should be forced to keep to a timetable and should respond to any question 'just because'.

There have been half a dozen skins that I've been excited to use that I check the thread daily and there hasn't been any updates in over a month other than "no it hasn't been abandoned".

I totally agree with TheLegendofMart. Though I think his tone in the OSMC-thread might have been slightly inappropriate (maybe unintentionally) some developers do not seem to realize that the tone of their answers is very rude and aggressive as well - though the question or the remark of the user that they are refering to might not have been rude or agressive in any way. Moreover it seems that developers deem themselves in the position to act like this any time they like to because they are the goddesses of development and the users - not skilled enough to create something themeselves - shall live with whatever they are granted as information and without the right to ask questions. That is is not balanced system and that is not the forum I want to see.

As I just said: If you start a thread in the "work in progress"-Section than either (a) show your progress through regular updates or (b) inform the users about the progress or if/why it is currently on hold or © at least live with the questions or speculations of the users as to the status of the project. It absolutely irritates me that "skinners" seem so "thin-skinned" themselves with respect to questions regarding the status of their project, but expect other users to take rude anwers or - what this thread is about - being banned for even raising the question.

(2015-03-19, 09:45)TheLegendOfMart Wrote: Is it too hard to take 2 minutes just to say that you've been busy and not had a chance to touch the skin rather than being very blunt and saying 'I do have a life you know', or once a week or something just make a little message saying what you've been working on if anything.

I would not go this far. No developer should be obgligated to post a status update of his skin. That should definitly remain up to himself. But if he does not inform about the progress of his work (the so called "work in progress") regularely then he may live with questions or speculations in this respect. However, if we actually see a rule stating that those questions or remarks might not be asked or be banned in general, then - in return - I am afraid we would need such rule for the developers as well. Fair is fair.



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