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I understand both points of view and I have to admit that's right, sometimes, skinners/devs replies are a bit rude but ... even if it's no excuses, just put yourself in situation to understand. Haven't you been in or seen a common scene in a supermarket when a child claim for something ? "Hey daddy, can you buy me this ?" "No, sorry" "Please, buy me this" "No" "Pleeeaaaaasse !" "I said no ! and if you don't stop ...". We don't bring something on the moment just because we can't, or just because we know you won't be satisfied with. Insistence makes the tone to raise up. You will probably ask why Daddy allowed the child to stop to the toys area ? Well maybe to have more ideas for upcoming Christmas or Birthday ? It's nothing else but the life. We are all humans and we have to deal together with that. No offense there for the child compare, it's what came to me on the moment and ... still, I hope we, all, are a little bit a child in mind.

Sometimes, we have this strange feeling, people think it goes like "Ok google" "Let me download this now".

We've all been visitor one day. As a recent member, I've switched fast to the contribution section because of my skinning experience. However, KODI is much more coding oriented, I was more Graphic tools or WYSIWYG skinning software user. I've learned everything in a few time because I have this absolute need to create things and I don't give up. I've not chosen the easiest way by starting with a white page instead of modifying an existing skin but all I can say is that giving some timeframe about development is near impossible or have many chance to be wrong. We have all to deal with our passion and familly, job or occupations. I've suprprised myself writing code in my head and my wife sayin' : "Hey ! You' here ?" ... :/ This is when you know you need to make a break ! Sometimes, we just have a lack of inspiration. How do you think then how we feel when reading "Well, another skin abandonned !". We also maybe want to take some distance from the forum, it's not just like if we had to maintain a blog.

We all here, visitors and skinners/devs, are trying to create together amazing things, let's do this in friendliness. I engage myself not to be rough in my replies if it's a legitimate question (or not to reply if it's not).
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