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(2015-03-19, 03:16)jurialmunkey Wrote: You still miss the distinction - you are arguing about semantics rather than the actual point. No one is telling you that you have to post anything, just that if you do to follow the guidelines. However, you are saying the developers ought to be obligated to post updates. One is a choice that has stipulations, the other is simply forced. The point is to reduce work not add to it.

If you want to be literal about it... You may not be telling me I have to post anything, but your op definitely tells me what I should NOT post, even though half of those questions are harmless when asked politely. And then you claim it is not censorship... Ok then.

We really do seem to be going around in circles here. I don't feel I am arguing, just merely stating my opinion, however pointless you may deem it. I find myself apologising when I feel you misunderstand my point.

So hopefully this time I can make it very clear. I am saying developers ought to be obligated to post updates and follow a set of rules if users are to be obligated to follow the set of rules that YOU deem necessary in your original post. My proposition is unreasonable and so is yours. Nothing more nothing less.

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