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(2015-03-19, 15:02)TheLegendOfMart Wrote:
(2015-03-19, 13:32)Jayz2K Wrote: Haven't you been in or seen a common scene in a supermarket when a child claim for something ? "Hey daddy, can you buy me this ?" "No, sorry" "Please, buy me this" "No" "Pleeeaaaaasse !" "I said no ! and if you don't stop ...". We don't bring something on the moment just because we can't, or just because we know you won't be satisfied with.

So now we are children and the skinners are our parents who know better?

If you wanted to continue with that analogy it would be more akin to the 'parents' taking the 'children' to a toy shop window and showing them all the amazing, cool toys and then saying sorry you can't have this and then every few months taking the 'children' past the shop and continuing to show them and saying you can have it but not yet then the 'parents' getting angry when the 'children' throw hissy fits.

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