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(2015-03-19, 15:12)Hitcher Wrote:
(2015-03-19, 14:41)jjd-uk Wrote: The Team is open to anything that makes the lives of the skinners developing here easier.
Would changing the structure and the posting permissions of this part of the forum help at all? or is everyone happy to leave it as it is? or leave as is with amended forum rules & increased moderation?
I like the idea of a new structure and who can create threads in them, but I don't think it's necessary to stop anyone from posting in them either.
A new structure was already canvassed. It was decided that standardising the thread tagging would be enough -- which I think works well. I specifically don't want to exclude anyone, I just want a little protection so that skinners can still freely share what they are working on without getting burnt out being bombarded with questions about a release.

What I would suggest is that Skilled Skinners' moderation privileges be extended to this forum. Then I would leave it up to each individual skinner to decide on what types of posts are acceptable. This should be clearly outlined in the first post of the thread. For example, "No ETA for this skin. Please do *not* post asking for an alpha/incomplete release or when it will be completed. Posts of this nature *will* be deleted".

Personally, it is highly unlikely I will create another publicly available skin for Kodi as I find this forum exhausting. I will continue to improve, fix bugs and maintain my two skins on the repo - but that's me done for creating new works. I've felt like this for quite a while, I just don't want to see this happen for other skinners.

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