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I recently got a HTPC and installed Kodi...
I've watched a few vids and tweaked the general configs - oh and swapped skin to Aeon Nox.

Here's my problem:

I've added four folders (sources?) to Kodi:

Anime Movies
Anime Series

Movies, Series, Anime Movies works fine - but Anime Series is a pain in the ass!

I can't seem to "scrap?" the info on some series, not with TMDB nor AniDB.
Under "Tv Show Information" i get "0 Seasons, 0 Episodes, 0 Unwatched".
I've looked - and there should be info viable online!

I got my files setup like this:


,where the folder "AnimeSeries" is added to Kodi.

Any ideas for a newcomer?
which anime?
Can you scrape manually by pressing (i) and do a search form file view.
Nope, manually scrape makes no difference. Sad

I've got another problem atm. though...
Can only seem to get the info on Season 1 for all of my series.

For instance, lets say I try to get the info on "Black Lagoon":

AnimeSeries\Black Lagoon\Season 1\Black Lagoon_S01E01...
AnimeSeries\Black Lagoon\Season 2\Black Lagoon_S02E01...

Only season 1 will be found.
What's going on? ^^

Oh, and a totally unrelated question...
How come the Movie posters in Library and Files differ?

Thanks, Mike
Are you using TVDB for the scraper? TVDB should see Black Lagoon as two different seasons.
Tried TVDB and AniDB - no one works.
The artwork prob differs if you have a file labelled folder.jpg in file view, where as the artwork in library would be poster.jpg or moviefilename-poster.jpg.

As far as TVDB scraper there are definitely the 2 season there (or 3 to be precise), just to be less superfluous with your folder structure.

Have it set as: AnimeSeries\Black Lagoon\Black Lagoon_S01E01...
>Black Lagoon_S01E02...
>Black Lagoon_S02E02, etc....

All under the parent "Black Lagoon" folder and put in same folder this .nfo: tvshow

Hit (i) on the folder in file view and refresh for all episodes and use local info for tv show, hopefully it should populate all seasons.
Thanks for the help, i'll try it out!


I've read some more about anime series - and i think i've figured it out:

TVDB finds all the seasons and display them correctly - but the anime database is lacking.

AniDB will only find Season 1, since it treats each season as a separate show.

How should i go about this?
I need AniDB, since it's got a whole lot more anime in it's database.
Is there a way to force AniDB to treat each Season as... a Season?
Really don't want to keep the Seasons in separate parent folders...

Unsure how you would do this from within KODI, I'd use custom .nfo's per episode with information from AniDB, but it may be more effort to do as such.
In this particular instance TVDB (you list TMDB as scraper source, must be a type-o) has the show you require.

As for lacking of show information, you could join TVDB and add shows that they're missing, the site is community driven and will also help out future person looking to scrape anime from TVDB.
Yeh, i would help out adding anime's to TVDB - but they lack so many! :/

Oh well, I'll stick to TVDB i guess - thanks for the help!

Btw, is there a way to stick to ONE listing type in library?

Ex: 01. Something something
Not: 01x1. Something something

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