Split Episode Sort Order
So far my searches have been fruitless and was wondering if anyone has encountered this.

I am using the DVD order from TVDB to split episodes into their respective pieces as the DVD and air dates don't match. I got the files split, labeled appropriately (S01E02.1, S01E02.2, etc), the episodes are identified correctly, but when KODI/XBMC loads the list in TV SHOWS and I tell it to sort by episode, it doesn't sort the episodes in the proper order.

It seems the episode list shows both episode 2.1 and 2.2 as episode 2 then sorts by episode name, half of them get reversed in order.

Is there a way to get this sort properly on its own?

KODI 14.1
Windows 7
Default Skin
I name all of mine in DVD order, as I'd rather see them the way they were intended, etc. But for much of these, I have to go to videos, to that folder, then manage content, advanced. Convert to DVD order. Then return to the regular TV area, remove them and then scan for new ones. God knows why changing the content doesn't do it all for ya right there, it should.

I want a way to force DVD order instead immediately.
I think you are confusing splitting files into episodes and splitting an episode into multiple files.

s01e02.1 and s01e02.2 are read as the same episode,

s01e01, s01e02, s01e03, would be read as season 1 episode 1, season 1 episode 2, etc.

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