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HOW-TO create video-preview thumbnails on a PC for XBMC
Hi Bazzio, how did you resolve the error I m getting the same issue.
No problem was able to get it to work using the link for the previous version provided thanks!!
kugai - any luck with that script?
Here is what I'll call beta1 of the perl script. I have tested it under windows and linux. If you need perl for windows you can get it here.

Here are the options for the script:

-d DIRECTORY Set the directory to start in. This must be the full path i.e. D:/media/video (windows) or /home/media/video (*nix). The default will be the current directory.

-r Recurse directories. This will read every file in every directory under the starting folder.

-s SECONDS Set where, in seconds, to grab the thumbnail from the video. Default is 5 seconds.

-o Overwrite existing thumbnails. Default will skip files that already have thumbnails.

Create thumbnails at 5 minutes in for all files in the current folder and all files in the directories below -r -s 300

Let me know if you have any problems or requests. Currently it will work on .mpg .mpeg .avi .mov .wmv and .vob files. It should be pretty obvious how to add others in the script or just ask and I will add them.


Again, thanks to hoki_goujons for the original idea.
Ok, I've aleady noticed that there is a problem with the recurision (-r) mode not working right. It should work ok otherwise. I will post a new fixed version soon. Sorry for the inconvience.
any chance of a noob tutorial to go with this?
Here is the fixed version of the script.


I guess you can't edit your posts on here or I would keep this in the original post. All the options are the same except this one works Smile

I'll try to post a more basic tutorial soon and possibly even add a GUI frontend if enough people are interested.
that would be awesome if you could!!
did anything ever become of the gui version?

HOW-TO create video-preview thumbnails on a PC for XBMC00