Linux Allwinner CedarX 2.0 vpu/gpu code went public
You did read the 3rd line of the readme of that repository?
The problem is not the blob itself. It's the GPL story and the history of the allwinner story.
And the problem are people, that don't care anything about that and do want to have a quick and dirty solution. If dirty is GPL violating, this people don't take care of.
Why do devs (not just team-kodi) not use none GPL violating cedrus code and build a kodi implementation around it? Because users don't want to wait for that and don't care of licences and what happened in the past. We have the knowledge of the hardware already. Not want to blame jernej's work. But a better solution would be mosterta's way.
Hmm let me clarify. Are there any technical problems? Or license violations, but there are no any technical barriers
(2016-07-22, 21:57)giaur Wrote: Kodi team keeps complaining and does not want to do anything. Binary blobs are ok from sponsors, like nvidia - please show me full sources of proprietary nvidia video driver and vdpau decoding engine. But CedarX contains binary blobs, so it won't be suppoted.

Please, ignore my "team kodi member" forum status, I am expressing my own opinion here.

comparing allwiner situation with sponsors is pure bullshit because:
1. nvidia uses mediacodec on android. they do not violate ffmpeg's gpl license by doing that. mediacodec is standard api on android. allwiner is free to also use mediacodec on android. video decoding has nothing to do with "video drivers". having a proprietary mali driver is perfectly fine.

2. kodi does NOT support runing on nvidia shield + linux

Quote:When go to not sponsor's vendor, we want to be "as much open source as possible". Well, it's funny. Allwinner should release full sources, without any binary blobs. Please be serious.

allwiner should release full cedarx source code. there should be no doubt about this. last time I chceked, it was based on ffmpeg, and violated ffmpeg's gpl.
however, binary blobs in form of hardware specific "firmware" is perfectly acceptable, as long the "firmware" do not use code (gpl symbols) from another oss project. see how it's done in amlcodec, which is also based on ffmpeg

Quote:Fortunately, what kodi devs don't want to do is already done be others:

This proves Kodi can be ported to Allwinner hardware. I tested above Openelec for and there is no any serious issues. I'm really starting to think you want to support sponsor's hardware only and keep complaining about all the rest.This looks rather unfairly.

If anybody want to try Kodi in Allwinner hardware, this Openelec fork is excellent. Currently hdmi CEC support is in progress.

it's not like kodi team does not want to do it, but that kodi team does not have to support anything. at all. I'd bet a contribution from 3rdparty developer would be reviewed and eventualy accepted, if it's considered wotrh.

also, no company (including sponsors) tells kodi team how and what to develop. you should remember that and stop spreading bullshit.
in case you missed the android/amlogic situation - android support is in trouble and few team members consider dropping it at some point. amlogic/linux support is also not in great shape nowadays. do you think this makes nvidia/minux/wetek happy ?
Actually I don't mean Android saying about CedarX. I mean Linux, especially Openelec. That 3rd party fork works pretty well, but it's maintained by only one dev, so development must be slow. Now I see much amount of complains here, but it looks like the main problem is not CedarX is poor (technically). Problem is related to licenses. Is it true?

I haven't seen any technical complains here. I can see only "license violation crap, no thanks"

Well, regarding to that Openelec fork. He warned users it has license issues. But I don't care
Yes what?

Quote:Many people are interested in quick and dirty solutions to get things to work. They do not care about GPL violance,
This is me. Things work and I have no problem with that
Yes, because of the license issue. Technically it's no problem.
And yes, seems it's then because of people like you, that don't care about gpl and so about the work of others, that is done in terms of open source.
Looks like this is the wrong place then for you asking or begging for software. Imho this is about software licensed under GPL....
Sad enough this all.
I need a car, how about I just take yours without asking... Same thing.
MrMC Forums :
Please, don't turn this topic into ideological dispute. I don't feel guilty. They released stuff that can be used to get their hardware working. CedarX is good from technical perspective.
Ideological/moral disputes are good, sort of like that age old joke:

A businessman approached a woman and said. "Would you sleep with me for a million dollars", the woman thought about it and said "yes". The businessman then asked, "well how about 50 dollars", the woman said 'No way, what do you think I am?". The businessman said, "We already established that, now we are negotiation on a price".

Stealing is stealing. It does not matter if the monetary cost is high, low or none. The GPL license is there for a reason, why reward those that abuse it. Just because some have backed the wrong horse is not good enough reason.
MrMC Forums :
Well, I do understand why Kodi devs refuse to support stuff that violates license. However, I'm not going to avoid it as end user. Low price + good quality is priority. Life is brutal, sorry.

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