Parental control problems
I had my nephews over at my house and they got a hold of my computer and played games and decide to go into KODI and everything was blocked with a master lock. They tried and tried and fucking tried and couldn't get in. Now i'm stuck with password retry limit exceeded when does this go away hours, days, weeks, months or i'm simply fucked and have to install a fresh copy of Kodi

Thank you*
7.3 Locked out?

XBMC/Kodi will give you three tries when you need to enter a lock/password to access something that is locked. If you max out these three tries then just quit XBMC/Kodi and re-open it to get three more tries. The Master Lock code is stored in the "profiles.xml" file in the userdata folder. Should you get locked out, you can delete or edit the "profiles.xml" file.
7.4 Advanced settings
Note: It's generally not recommended to manually edit guisettings.xml at all. If you're unsure about this, don't touch it. Strange things might happen (maybe?). Spooooky.

The number of tries before being "locked out" can be tweaked by manually editing the guisettings.xml file in the userdata folder.

   <maxretries>3</maxretries> <!-- enter the max number of retries to input code, 3 is default. This setting isn't exposed in the actual GUI and can only be changed by manually editing this XML file -->
   <startuplock>false</startuplock>  <!-- true prompts user for code upon startup -->

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Parental control problems0
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