Cannot delete file over FTP
Lubunutu 14.10
Kodi 14.1

FTP server has permissions set to allow deletion and changes to files. I can delete and rename files through an FTP client so I know the server is set correctly.

When I bring up the menu in Kodi, there is no option to delete files. If I access the same files over SMB, I can delete the files. What do I need to change in Kodi to delete FTP files?
UP because same exact issue here. Any FTP software or SMB allows me to interact (read, write, delete) with the files but I am not able to do so via file manager in KODI resulting on not being able to use the File Cleaner addon.
HOW-TO:Submit a bug report (wiki)
Thanks for confirming this bug Ned. I wasn't sure since step 2 said to post on forums first before submitting bug report.
I'm not confirming anything. I'm asking for more information. Step three says "Right, so what information do you guys need?".
This should be what you need Ned to add an FTP source and attempt to delete files.

Steps to reproduce (assuming you already have "allow file renaming and deletions enabled in settings")

1. Add FTP video source
2. Browse to file on FTP video source
3. Press C to bring up menu
4. Observe there is no delete or rename option as there are when using other sources (SMB, local disk)

Debug log
It does not work. Option activated in the settings to "delete and rename files", when SMB source added, C context menu shows "rename, delete". Although when FTP source is added, C context menu does not bring options to delete or rename, more specifically when using "AfterWatch" which gives you the option to delete a movie file after watching it, I get the error "you do not have permissions for this action". Which is clearly a problem with Kodi and FTP because I can totally delete, rename and do whatever I want with my file on FTP through any other software like FileZilla. Unless anybody had experienced this issue and have a fix.
I still have this error on version 18.1 (android). Is there any way to delete data from a source connected via ftp
Two things:

- The Delete option in Kodi must be enabled.
- Proper file rights need to be in place on your FTP server.
I have the delete option enabled (for the smb source it normally deletes)
The rights are correct (even 777 can not be deleted). The ftp clients normally delete.
In that case: submit a bug report via Kodi's bug tracker on GitHub.

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Cannot delete file over FTP1
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