[Proposal] UPnP ContentDirectory implementation using OhNet
Project Name: UPnP ContentDirectory implementation using OhNet
Name: Robin Dvorak
E-mail: [email protected]

About me:
I am Masters student at Technical University of Liberec in Czech Republic. I am movie enthusiast and using XBMC/Kodi for years, so I was excited to find XBMC Foundation in GSOC 2015.
I see this project as an opportunity to get experience for my diploma thesis and of course I am looking forward to learn new things! I have experience with PHP, JAVA, MySQL, MSSQL, but don’t mind to use any other language.

The goal is to develop UPnP ContentDirectory with OhNet UPnP stack. I will have to get through the documentation and then implement ContentDirectory to Kodi - most likely in C++. I don't use C++ now, but I thing it won't be a problem to get familiar with it.

1. Get familiar with UPnP ContentDirectory and OhNet specification.
2. Discuss implementation.
3. Implementation of logic for ContentDirectory.
4. Testing and documentation.
Goals are not specified so much, because I’ll have to go through the specs and see how it is implemented in OhNet.

Quote:Kodi relies on the Platinum UPnP SDK which has very limited possibilities to extend the existing functionality. Furthermore any extensions fixes need to be coded into code not maintained by Team Kodi. Therefore moving to a different UPnP implementation that provides a similar feature set but can be easily extended would have a high benefit for Kodi.
Source: http://kodi.wiki/view/Google_Summer_of_Code/2015 [2015, cit. 2015-03-24].
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[Proposal] UPnP ContentDirectory implementation using OhNet00