Win HOW TO - Configure Kodi DSPlayer with LAV Filters, XySubFilter & madVR

Keyboard Shortcuts – Player Controls

Hotkeys are a handy way of accessing the player control menus (e.g. video settings). A combination of native keyboard commands and Kodi actions defined in a keyboard.xml are all that is required to access almost any menu by remote keypress. Creating direct shortcuts to these menus can make menu navigation less tedious. Examples of common actions are shown below:

Keyboard Controls:

Subtitle Selection -> L (NextSubtitle)
Toggle Subtitles On/Off -> T (ShowSubtitles)
Audio Delay -> A (audiodelay)

Action IDs:

Video Settings -> ActivateWindow(123)
Audio Settings -> ActivateWindow(124)
Audio Selection -> AudioNextLanguage
Subtitle Offset -> subtitledelay
Video Bookmarks -> ActivateWindow(125)
Subtitle Search -> ActivateWindow(153)

Example keyboard.xml:


Configuring a Remote Control

HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi

Kodi Beginner's Guide

Kodi Quick Start Guide

HTPC Updater

This is not a DSPlayer tool. But, rather, it is an automated means of downloading and installing the latest version of madVR. This tool is designed to download and install updated copies of MPC-HC, LAV Filters and madVR.

For this tool to work, a 32-bit version of MPC-HC must installed on your system along with LAV Filters and madVR. Running the program will update copies of each program. The benefit for DSPlayer users is this avoids the process of manually extracting and re-registering madVR with each update.

Note: On the first run, madVR components are dropped one level above the existing installation folder. If your installation was C:\Program Files\madVR, madVR installation files would be placed in the C:\Program Files directory. This is the default behavior of the program. Subsequent runs will overwrite the existing installation. If one component fails, try updating it manually before running the program again.

HTPC Updater


MakeMKV is pain-free software for ripping Blu-rays and DVDs into an MKV container, which can be read by Kodi. By selecting the main title and an audio stream, it is possible to create bit-for-bit copies of Blu-rays with the accompanying lossless audio track in one hour or less. No encoding is required — the video is placed in a new container and packaged with the audio and subtitle track(s). From here, the file can be added directly to your Kodi library or compressed for storage using software such as Handbrake. This is the fastest way to import your Blu-ray collection into Kodi.

Tip: Set the minimum title length to 3600 seconds (60 minutes) and a default language preference in Preferences to ease the task of identifying the correct video, audio and subtitle tracks.

MakeMKV Homepage (Beta Registration Key)


Launcher4Kodi is a HTPC helper utility that can assist in creating appliance-like behavior of a Windows-based HTPC running Kodi. This utility auto-starts Kodi on power on/sleep resume and auto-closes Kodi on power off. It can also be used to ensure Kodi remains focused when loaded fullscreen and set either Windows or Kodi to run as a shell.

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