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Loving the Transparency skin...certainly has made our Kodi experience and cable cutting a whole lot easier.

I'm almost to where the point where our family is all set, but we've found a limitation in the custom menu options and not being a programmer, I'm not sure if I can attack the xml files without wreaking havoc on our set up.

What I'm wondering is if there is any way to modify the Left Menu to a more "customized" look entirely? What I want is something like this (to appease each member of the family):
Person 1
Person 2
Person 3
Person 4
Person 5
General Cable
TV Shows*
* would simply make use of the existing features.

For each person, it would allow us to have x-number of favorites as the custom menu allows now (I realise we can use favourites lists, so that helps a lot), but as we have 5 people here and access to only 3 custom menus, I'm at point where I'm hoping it's a relatively easy fix/instruction to get what we need.

If the order cannot be altered to meet what I identified above, that's the least of my worries. What I truly want is the ability to add more than 3 custom menus (5 would suffice, but I noted 6 above). I've tried reading threads on customizing, but most relate to custom playlists (which is not what I'm intending to use) and it appears that the methods posted are outdated and not applicable to the Kodi Helix Transparency skin features.

Willing to get my feet wet.

From an environment perspective:
1. I install and test everything on my Windows 7 environment first
2. Once tested and configured, I duplicate onto my Android TV Box (sure wish I could copy / paste those settings).

If you need more info - I'll share what I can.
I think the better way to approach this is with profiles, each person with their own profile and settings, would keep the clutter down. Another option would be sub menus linked to the front using the add-on super-favourites.

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